Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Attention all San Francisco natives, if you’re thinking about attending the Alternative Press Expo this year (Oct 13-14), let me stop you, slap you, and tell you to stop thinking and just do it.  I’ve decided to do commissions for the show and if you’re not in SF, tell your friends who are so they can buy cool art for themselves, or as minions doing your bidding.  The piece above, which I’ve decided to include as a trio in my Duets collection, is indicative of the style and look of these commissions.
The rules are simple:
- Request list open from now till Friday Oct. 5.  Email me at k@kevinwada.com to request.
- 9x9” square
- Limited watercolor palette on watercolor paper
- $60 - 1 character
- Prices can be negotiated for more than 1 character
- Pieces are to be picked up sometime during the show
- Let me know if you see the piece more akin to my fashion pieces, or something more traditional - perhaps you have a favorite costume you want me to be faithful to or reimagine?
- Any requests are welcome, doesn’t have to be Marvel or X-men or anything I’ve ever touched before.  In fact, I encourage other reaches of the geek universe to flex my fingers a bit.
As for the piece above (which if you can’t tell, is of Harley, Selina, and Ms. Pamela of Batman fame), it will be on sale at APE along with tons of other originals!  So come one, come all, looking forward to hearing back from you guys and don’t forget to spread the word to all your favorite San Franciscans :P
ps. Apparently Lana Del Rey moonlights as Poison Ivy.  Who knew.


lindsey olivares said...

awesome work! see you at ape!

Craig Zablo said...

Any plans to do Heroes or MegaCon?

Alice Kelly said...

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