Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday everyone!  Coming at you with more X-men madness.  Another commission, this time of the one and only Nightcrawler.  The client wanted full on Dave Cockrum era Bamfer.  To re-outfit him, I had to draw upon the gypsy and circus background of the character.  Those were the guidelines along with retaining his original costume's color scheme.  The whole Errol Flynn aspect of the character really spoke to me, so I ran with it, adorning him with two rapiers and his signature devilish smile.  I'm really happy with the way the whole piece came out, especially his shadowed face and bamf cloud.  He's such a unique and interesting character and I think sometimes artists and viewers forget what a hottie he could be.

Also, instead of tumbling my work on your own, just follow me here!  Much appreciated.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Another commission!  I am just coming at you from all angles these days.  The idea was a "fierce fashion family portrait" of sorts - very House of M.  The addition of grown-up Speed and Wiccan was a fun touch and I had a great time coming up with contemporary fashions for them to model.  The trick was trying (and maybe falling short) to create a likeness between the characters.  Obviously Mag, Quicksilver, and Speed all have that silvery hair.  But I wanted Wiccan to resemble his brother and mother and for all the characters to have callbacks to other characters.  I think I had the most fun with the twins and Wanda.  For some reason, the idea of turning her headpiece into a turban really appealed to me, and for Billy and Tommy I got to delve into very current young male fashion, which was a treat. Below is a picture of the piece in the sketching stage.  Not much to look at but I rarely post in progress work.  :)  

I tried to keep Wanda front and center, as I love her character and feel she's so important within this family, but I wasn't happy with any composition with her there.  Keeping her to the side, fists clenched, lent itself to the tension between her and her obviously relaxed father.  What do you think?  Good decision?

(edit: Polaris was not included in the commissioner's request and was left out.  Just the way the cookie crumbles.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This was a really fun commission that was also a gift.  The client was gifting this to his wife, whose father had died while she was young.  In response she had gathered father figures from the media and the idea was to showcase her as a young girl being protected by all of her pop culture dads.  I thought the idea was so incredibly sweet and touching and the chance to get to draw all these incredible figures had me very excited.  Hopefully the likenesses came out well enough but in case you need help, these bad ass dads include the members of KISS, Tom Selleck in Magnum PI drag, Sting (in his Dune duds), David Bowie in some sorta Ziggy Stardust outfit of my own creation and the one and only Harrison Ford, aka Han Solo.  There are saucer's in the background to suggest impending danger and all the men are striking protective action poses.  I had so much fun with this piece :).