Thursday, June 14, 2012

Round 5 - Trio Of Mutants

First off, apologies this took me so long to post, and apologies there are only 3 for this round.  I was struggling and struggling to work on the 4th member of this round and it got to the point where other work was just not allowing me to complete it and I wanted to send this out into the world sooner rather than later.

So you'll have to settle for 3.  Banshee, Spiral, and Mr.Wolverine.  Spiral was actually a fairly recent commission and I was very happy with how she came out so I asked the client if I could include her in the lineup and he allowed me.  Whether or not you think the designs are getting increasingly "crack-tastic" or uninspired, I have to say I've been away from this series long enough to still be able to find joy in it.  I think these three are very distinctly different and calling on varied regions of the fashion world.  If you have any suggestions on who I should tackle next, I am open to any and all!

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Round 2
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aidrean said...

that wolverine was very clever , a tricky character if you dress him up too much or too fancy he'd stop looking like himself, what style does he have? beside lumberjack cowboy and army man , maybe you should try x 23 and daken and have the whole family X) haha I also think it is odd you havent tried anole since he is known as the most stylish characters nowaday but Im guessing you opt for the classics in wich case... Mister Siniestro? Mystique?

joelfurtado said...

so great kevin, love the look of spiral. There should definitely be 6 armed models stomping the runway.

Ben said...

Your work is continually amazing and never disappoints. It's all the little touches, like Spiral's sword earrings. Incredible! I'd love to see your take on some of the characters from X-Factor.

Cordero said...

LOVE YOUR WORK ohh could you do my favs



Reds said...

Great idea! Awsome! (Spiral looking like Gaga)

The Painting Ward said...

wow, these are pretty awesome, and great style.

Judah is a.... said...

Okay, I have to admit to being a tad biased when it comes to anything Spiral-oriented, but I think you nailed her. The clutch is what does it.

I'm curious as to what a commission runs, cost-wise?

Kevin Wada said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! @aidrean, I've actually already done Mystique. She was done in Round 1 for the Alternate Press Expo.

@Judah, commissions run anywhere from $125 for an 8x10" to $250 for an 11x17." If you're interested in knowing more just email me at

Coolsario said...

Your work is amazing! You have trully amazed me! I'm making a post about you, that's for sure!

captainfur said...

This are simply amazing. I'd love for you to tackle next Thunderbird and/or Sunfire, I think their backgrounds could give you something interesting to play with.