Monday, April 9, 2012


Here's a very recent commission I completed of the character Wiccan from Young Avengers.  I knew next to nothing about this character, other than that he had a really cool look.  Kind of reminded me of Hayato of Star Gladiator/Marvel vs. Capcom fame.  I did my research, found out he was a gay character, and fell in love with him even more.  We need more gay comic characters I think :).  He came out looking a bit older and more rugged than I intended, but I'm happy with my take on him.  


Maria Mjolnir said...

O my God! I love him so much *____* I like how you drew his costume and the symbols on his "bracelets". And he looks so gay and I love that)))
If you like the character check out her works about him with his boyfriend
I advise you to read Young Avengers: Children's Crusade!
Sorry for long message...

Massimo Carelli said...

Wow!I love your way to mix comics, fashion.
There is also something that make me think to Schiele