Friday, April 20, 2012

90s Realness

I'm very excited that I can finally post this piece that I've been sitting on for a few weeks now.  Not literally, mind you, that would crush it.  This was a commission that I could not pass up.  Finally a piece showcasing only minority mutant characters!  I was excited to say the least.  From left to right we have Oya, aka Idie Okonkwo, the queen herself, Storm aka Ororo Munroe, Frenzy aka Joanna Cargill, and finally M aka Monet St. Croix.  The concept was clear - early 90s runway fashion and nothing else.

We have Oya in Versace Spring 1994 - bold, and colorful.  Broad shouldered fuzzy midrif sweaters and flared skirts.  Socks with heels, anyone else remember that?  Storm had to be rocking short or mohawk style hair which is the first time I've ever portrayed her with that coif.  She is pure Chanel 1992.  Simple sheath dress minimalism of the 90s.  Remember when crew neck cuts were on everything?  The long gloves were a must and the jewelry has very tiny Chanel "C's" if you can see them.  Frenzy had to be in the legendary Versace "Bondage" line so I played around with the straps to come up with something accurate but also my own.  She looks killer and I let her sheer top cut across her chest much like her current costume does.  M is serving you Cindy Crawford, and we went multicultural and ethnic - straight from JPG 1994.

I had so much fun with this piece, letting the 90s really take over.  The heyday of the supermodel, when they could fill out a bust and had at least some meat on their thighs.  Thick eyebrows, heavy eye shadows, lots of neutrals and earthy browns, and when lip liner was visible from space.  Enjoy...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012


Here's a very recent commission I completed of the character Wiccan from Young Avengers.  I knew next to nothing about this character, other than that he had a really cool look.  Kind of reminded me of Hayato of Star Gladiator/Marvel vs. Capcom fame.  I did my research, found out he was a gay character, and fell in love with him even more.  We need more gay comic characters I think :).  He came out looking a bit older and more rugged than I intended, but I'm happy with my take on him.