Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I've been sitting on this one for awhile for a few reasons.   Ever since starting the X-fashion series I've been slowly moving away from the digital process little by little.  I used to do pen and ink line/washes which were then colored and altered in the computer.  With the X-men it's been all watercolor with minimal digital alteration.  I really enjoy watercolor and wanted to see if I could use it more while maintaining my established "look."With Rihanna up here I wanted to see if I could marry watercolor and digital just a little bit more and maybe come up with something new and exciting but still me.  There wasn't a lot of digital dressing added on to this piece, but I wanted to see if my style translated from my old way to my newer let's-add-watercolor-process.  So I sat on this piece because I couldn't tell when it was "done,"since this process is still sort of new to me, and I had other things I wanted to work on/show you first.  Either way, here she is, fresh out of her fire engine red hair and onto her chocolatey hazel locks.  Let me know what you think!