Friday, February 24, 2012


Finally got a Tumblr.  I think it might be good for me!

Can't wait to beef that thing up :)


I decided to start a Tumblr, in addition to my DA and blog because I wanted to be able to monitor and have a bit more of a say over what was getting reblogged on Tumblr.  I think it's a great method for sharing work, love the aesthetic, and it's perfect for illustrators.  That said, if you want the real meat and story behind each piece, I'd keep up with my blog here.  I will post little treasures here and there and share the love at each website.  If you hate following people on multiple formats, park it here.  Word.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Covering Up Isn't Enough

Greetings all.  I have returned with a commission I've been sitting on for quite some time now, and I can finally share with you!  For this one, old teammates She-Hulk and Sue Storm come together after what looks to have been an all out brawl to save a neighborhood.  I had some consultants share their input on this one and with their help I decided to try and capture She-Hulk's brazen sultriness with Sue Storm's motherly concern.  Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover UP, girl.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vanity Fair my Heroes

Alo, I am back with another recent commission!  About damn time I say.  For this piece, the client wanted to invoke true fashion editorial by way of his favorite X-men women.  Vogue, Harper's, etc.  Strong poses, edgy fashions, and smoldering stares.  The works basically.  I worked rather large for this one, 20"x30" and it was refreshing to work so large.

Let's break it on down, editorial style.  From left to right:

Rogue.  Green high-waist pantsuit with bull shoulders, dark chocolate obi lacquer belt, hot orange gloves with powder blue stitching, rising flight gold earrings, gold-weave chest necklace plate.

Ms. Marvel.  Iridescent black/red bolt dress, Marvel star bangle, Ms. Marvel sunglasses, dark navy suede Warbird booties.

Emma Frost.  Pure white corseted leotard, lustre gun-metal stockings, baby blue darling heart belt, blonde ambition bangles, chastity pearls, blue chiffon wrap, diamond crochet necklace, diamond/crystal "fuck me" platform pumps.

Polaris.  Powder blue/green sakura blazer, candy black hot pants, coral sash obi tie, teal "suneate" platform wedges, skull enamel earrings.

Storm.  "Setting Sun" column dress with matte tight-drape top, gold dangle uncanny earrings, wire lightening crown, gold "talons and claws" ring series.

Psylocke.  Purple ballet stretch top with low cut back, butterfly puff skirt, Japanese "S" lacquer heels, "psi" wrap gold chain.

Sage.  Black single shoulder bathing suit, navy sari with gold trimmings, gold password lock belt, black choker and arm band, dark black blank screen sunglasses, computer chip tattoos.

I had fun with it, hope you guys enjoy the zaniness of it all!

Monday, February 6, 2012

ROUND 4: X-men, POSE

Well here we are with another addition of the X-fashions.  Been a month since the last round, and I think that's a pretty good turn around.  Better than times past at least.  Scarlet Witch down there is probably the most literal interpretation of the character, while the others push the fashion more.  As always, my partner in crime, Max Wittert, has his own lineup and they can be seen here.  ENJOY!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I've been sitting on this one for awhile for a few reasons.   Ever since starting the X-fashion series I've been slowly moving away from the digital process little by little.  I used to do pen and ink line/washes which were then colored and altered in the computer.  With the X-men it's been all watercolor with minimal digital alteration.  I really enjoy watercolor and wanted to see if I could use it more while maintaining my established "look."With Rihanna up here I wanted to see if I could marry watercolor and digital just a little bit more and maybe come up with something new and exciting but still me.  There wasn't a lot of digital dressing added on to this piece, but I wanted to see if my style translated from my old way to my newer let's-add-watercolor-process.  So I sat on this piece because I couldn't tell when it was "done,"since this process is still sort of new to me, and I had other things I wanted to work on/show you first.  Either way, here she is, fresh out of her fire engine red hair and onto her chocolatey hazel locks.  Let me know what you think!