Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too Much Project Runway and Mad Men Does This:

The titles sums it up. I've been itching to flex my fashion illustration chops, and while these aren't really what I had in mind when thinking "fashion" and "illustration," I couldn't help but indulge myself a little. Mad Men is clearly a big influence, especially in the first line. If every woman could be a Joan...damn...

It would be great to revitalize the fashion illustration industry. Gone are the days of Gibson girls and Vargas pinups. Once photography took over, no one thought to use artists to help launch fashion movements. If you're as into this idea as I am, let's do the damn thing.

Kudos if you catch the Mondrian shoes.


Ms. Emily Clay said...

This is amazing!! :D
Exactly what I've been doing for the past few months. Mad men is amazing, Project runway is a serious time "eater"..
But both together.. that's fresh :)
Love it.

Rachel Smith said...

....did you know you drew me again? Top one, third from the left. Kevin, you are seriously jealous of me.

As a side note, these are totally beautiful and amazing. I really like all of the little past fashion 'nods' you're giving out. Awesome.

maxwittert said...

Kevin, I love this. LOVE. Of course.

Also, fifth one over from the left on the bottom... it's happening.

Will K. said...

<3 The Mondrian Shoes. Good Job Kiddo. The top left dress feels Nicole Kidman inspired. ;) Love the top row 5th from the left.

Kevin Wada said...

thanks guys. these were really fun but surprisingly time consuming to do. i'm not sure which i enjoyed making more (less), the digital or the water color one.

and rachel, i totally did draw you again. subconsciously, too. that's how mad you've driven me. she's got your surly stance and seductive stare.

Pleias said...

very nice... i'm in to fashion and illustrration too. i love your stuff i would like to come to something like this soon.