Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Love Sketchbooks!

There's something so fun and raw about the drawings done in a sketchbook I constantly wonder if this isn't the way I should be drawing. Is this my unadulterated, unaltered, unconscious, untampered way of drawing? Should I be trying to harness this look into my finished pieces? I love the spontaneity and style that I get out of my characters and lines in my sketchbook. When I take many of these things to finish I get too controlled and too worried about anatomy or perspective or perfection that I lose the loose and creative way I came to these ideas.

The first two images were sketches done for The Great Refusal, my thesis project; the first is character study for Charlie Sinclair. The rest are just fun doodles.


Helen Chau said...

you could always try completing a piece in this style to see if it works out for ya.

meng said...