Monday, July 12, 2010

Doc Who

Here's a mock DVD cover I did on my own for the most recent season of Doctor Who, with newest lead actor, Matt Smith. This time I decided to include a little bit of my process for those few of you who are even interested.

The top image is a mockup of the front of the dvd cover. If I could change one thing, I would shift down the entire foreground figures so that they were better spaces below the title. Bad layout by me.

Then, there's the initial sketch. Not much changed from it to the finale except for the removal of most of the rinkydinks and doodads floating around the characters. Then, there's the layers I work in outside of the computer. I usually have a layer of just the linework that's done on vellum, and a layer of textures that are ink washes done on bristol board. The swooping brush strokes below those two is a separate scan that I used for the cosmic background.