Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Newest Minions

Charlie Sinclair:

A recently reformed demon, Charlie Sinclair must feed on the souls of others for sustenance. Once a carefree rogue, consuming negligently at will, Charlie allowed his inner beast to overcome him, and accidentally killed his love, Aki Lenore. Not long after, Charlie changed his ways and limited his feeding to a life of vigilantism, only consuming the souls of those he deemed corrupt and unfit for their lives.


Young protégé to Charlie, and fellow demon in hiding, Ocho differs from his mentor in many ways. Where Charlie is cool and collected, Ocho is hot headed and ill tempered. Where Charlie seeks redemption for the sins he feels he’s committed, Ocho revels in his power and abilities. He now works with Charlie to unmask and destroy the unknown murderer of his own long lost love.

Aki Lenore:

Aki Lenore exists, now, only within the mind and heart of Charlie Sinclair. At one time, the two were lovers, and although Charlie accidentally killed her, Aki continues to come to him in his visions and daydreams. She guides him through hard times and helps keep his head level. Whether she is a ghostly specter haunting her old love, a figment of his imagination, or even Aki at all remains to be seen.

Joel “Chacho” Solis:

Joel Solis is the unofficial go to man for all trades considered sinful. An arrogant and snarky bottom feeder of sorts, Chacho, as he is better known by his peers, is somewhat of a crowned prince of the Seraphine underworld. He works as an informant for Charlie and Ocho, dealing them the dark and criminal targets they must eliminate.

Roman Sicard:

The Seraphine Police Department’s best detective is Roman Sicard. At one time a man passionate about his job guarding the streets of Seraphine, now as the lead officer on the case of “The Sin Eater,” Roman’s passion has turned into obsession. He tirelessly pursues the elusive vigilante serial killer of his city, a slave to his contract with the Mayor to catch the perpetrator once and for all.

Zoe and Rosalynn:

While the underworld of Seraphine calls them “The Twins,” the origins of Zoe and Rosalynn are shrouded in mystery. Serene and otherworldly, the Twins are often called upon because of their uncanny ability to see glimpses of the future - though they each see different flashes that are alternate versions of future events- and only one is the correct timeline.

Solomon Thorn:

Mayor Thorn is known to his city as a strong and independent leader. But to everyone that knows him he has unreadable eyes, and unpredictable responses. Up for re-election, Thorn must utilize the abilities of both the Twins and Detective Sicard to help keep his image pristine. Mysterious and cunning, entrancing and manipulative, the motive for Thorn’s quest for power in Seraphine is yet to be seen.