Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4 months in the making:

The city of Seraphine is a world of grays. Nothing is black and white. The places and people are hardly ever what they seem. The beauty and splendor of the grand skyline and the energy and frantic pace of the streets belie a world where evil must be controlled, and it is - by the highest bidder. A hotspot for the supernatural and corrupt, Seraphine operates as a booming metropolis, and an underworld market for death dealing of every kind. Charlie Sinclair and Ocho are collectively known to the everyday public as “The Sin Eater,” a crime lord hunting serial killer being pursued by Seraphine’s finest, Detective Roman Sicard. To the underworld they call home they are a demonic duo of hit men, working to somehow rid the city of the evil they call their brethren.


Brynn Metheney said...

Kevin, these are truly amazing! I love your attention to detail in every character and the way you've depicted them is gorgeous. My favorites are the twins, Ocho, and Mayor Thorn. I just love this project and I really hope to have it on my shelf one day! Awesome work! :D

Alex said...

this novel is incredible!