Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Falling for Squares

The first piece was done for an op-ed article discussing the importance of introducing a better education system into Afghanistan. The argument was that a more literate, better educated society will better defy propaganda, and that a new school system is essentially more cost effective than making weapons. I decided a powerful image would be arming children with school items instead of weapons, and doing the whole piece in a style reminiscent of russian propaganda posters.

The second piece was intended for a children's encyclopedia detailing a range of emotions. I got the emotion "trust" which I don't really find to be an emotion. I struggled with it. How do you illustrate trust? Eventually we landed on an image of a child learning how to ride a bike, trusting his father not to let go of the handle bars. Unfortunately, my choice to highlight the child by throwing the father into darkness creates a rather unsettling image. "Stranger Danger", I call this one.



meng said...

you are amazing.

Andrew Stokols said...

second one could be for the NAMBLA yearly calendar!! jk

Will K. said...

Wada. Bravo. The second illustration is particularly awesome. Great visualization of trust. :)

Alex said...

the top one reminds me of the shanghai exhibit that was at the asian art museum just recently. they had a lot of political propaganda posters from the 40s-60s up and it was all in turn also influenced by russian propaganda art.