Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is a piece where I got to choose a cocktail drink for a calendar series. I really had this urge to draw pretty people, "glittering assholes," if you will. So, I settled on the cosmopolitan as my drink because I felt the drink came with certain connotations. So much of a drink is about who buys it, and a very distinct audience favors the cosmopolitan.

The general idea was set, but to find an intriguing composition, I decided to compose the piece around the shape of a martini glass with pink cosmo filling. If you can see it, aces. If you can't. it's not of major importance to the piece, more just a way for me to creatively set the image.



Joey said...

love it.

good spatial relationships.

C.M.E said...

ugh. i love you. and way NOT to use any of my ideas hahaha. which is a good thing cos this is way better. :)

Brynn Metheney said...

Kevin, this is beautiful! I love the way you arranged the space too! :D

Will K. said...

Nice work Kwad. Love your 'glittering assholes.' :D