Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is a piece where I got to choose a cocktail drink for a calendar series. I really had this urge to draw pretty people, "glittering assholes," if you will. So, I settled on the cosmopolitan as my drink because I felt the drink came with certain connotations. So much of a drink is about who buys it, and a very distinct audience favors the cosmopolitan.

The general idea was set, but to find an intriguing composition, I decided to compose the piece around the shape of a martini glass with pink cosmo filling. If you can see it, aces. If you can't. it's not of major importance to the piece, more just a way for me to creatively set the image.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Recession and Frankenstein

Two monsters! The first assignment was based on an article about the recession. It was basically setup like a faux interview with the Recession, personified as an elderly, gaunt, down and out man, who I chose to look like a washed up, has-been rockstar with stunner shades and old sailor tattoos (with fun meanings).

The second one was for a reprint of Frankenstein, and we had to design the cover. I wanted to create something moody and fun, something that illustrates the tension between Frankenstein and his monster. The duality of it all and the fact that only one of them could survive.

I haven't really been to happy with the work I've been creating so far. I really want to try to up my drawing skills and attention to detail so that I can push my coloring flatter, and still have the image seem dynamic. Hopefully for the next assignment I can achieve a look that is still natural to me, but is something more attuned to what I am trying to accomplish.