Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Has Come and Gone

These were two paintings I did in watercolour and acrylic respectively. They were done over the summer in a need to break away from constantly doing digital projects. I'm looking for ways to incorporate more traditional mediums into my digital pieces. The first was a portrait of my recently departed grandfather, and the second was me being inspired by the artist Felix Mas. He's amazing.

These two were sketches I did for small CCA forum illustration contests. The first was to come up with twin characters, and the second was for a viking.


A-Game said...

Funny how both of the paintings in this post were inspired by men named Mas. Did you make a gift of the portrait? It's beautiful.

The detail in the other piece is awesome. I want her parka.

Kevin Wada said...

hahaha. i never thought about that, but they were both inspired by men named Mas. Pretty.

i gave the portrait to my dad for fathers day. he appreciated it, but i went home and its kinda parked up against the wall haphazardly and still isn't framed. yay.