Friday, February 20, 2009

Caricatures Attack!!!

Here is a piece I did for Survival Illustration.  We had to do a caricature of one of the illustration teachers, and they were assigned at random.  I got a painting and drawing teacher named Mark Eanes who is infamous for his intensity, and his propensity for loving brown paper bags.  He requires 6 hours of out of class work, and, as I mentioned, tons and tons of bags.  I've never had him myself, but have heard that he produces great results from his students.

I tried to capture his look and intensity with his all-knowing-glasses-lowered stare.  I also exaggerated his love of the brown paper bags, choosing to sit him amongst a sea of brown paper bag renderings.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Character Design 101

So this ugly heap is full of character designs I had to do for my Illustration Tools classed dubbed, Survival.  We had 5 short fairy tales that we had to create character designs for.  It was a long and grueling process to get to finish, including multiple revisions and an all nighter to make sure I completed these on time.

The tan booger looking thing was from a tale about a dumpling who falls on the kitchen floor, contemplating his insignificance in life and his sure death.  The frog goes with the couple at the very bottom.  It's a story about a plumber, his princess, and an advice giving frog.  The girl and guy with their own respective pages is from a story about a couple sitting on a bench, dissatisfied with their looks, their lives, and their relationship.  The victorian looking homeless woman is from a story about a woman who will not leave the shoe she lives in, in my case, the boot on her foot.