Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The End of Fall

These are 3 of my finals for my Heroes and Anti-Heroes course, my Illustration 4, and Editorial Illus. classes, respectively.  To be honest, I dont really like any of them.  I was so burnt out by the time finals came, I really had no passion, creativity, or effort left inside of me.  So each of these are really not at all what I intended to create, but they are nevertheless what I completed.

The Heroes and Anti-Heroes project was created from me wanting to make a statement about children and their heroes, coupled with an idea about hope, and how it only really exists if turmoil exists.  It ended up looking more like a "feed the children" ad, and I borderline hate it.

The Illus.4 one was an assignment where we had to create an illustration while either utilizing pop-ups, trompe l'oiell (sp?) or some other form of 3-d trickery to enhance the image.  For my final I created a sliding pop up; the kind where you pull the tab and the image changes.  It's hard to explain, and it was a bitch to make, and I'm happy it's over.

The last piece was for Editorial, and we had to create a vision of how we wanted 2020 to look.  I hate doing architecture, so I really wish I had created something where I didnt have to illustrate it.  I'm not big on the colors, or the ideas I put into this piece, but I am also very happy that it is over :)

So there you go, enjoy the winter break!  WEEEE!

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A-Game said...

the middle one makes me sad. haha and what do they sell at a kebinya? i like the homo-president campaign poster..