Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photoshop saturates my life

I always hate when I upload images here, and at least on my screen, they come out less saturated than they do in Photoshop.  It's aggravating.  That's the tricky thing about digital work.  It looks different on different computer screens, and printing is a bitch.

Anyway, the first piece was for Editorial and it was on an article about the New Millenium.  Obviously, it was an old article.  Mainly the piece addressed the dying of our planet, and it was printed during a time when global warming wasn't as widely known, or even recognized.

The second piece is very similar to the first, but it's based on extinction.  More specifically, man's hand in extinction.

For these pieces i went with simpler color schemes and an increase in texture.  Experimentation, I guess.



nancy drew said...

my, these are fabulous! i love your work.

Will K. said...

Because you pimped it out... I'll comment. =P Very nice work, as always, Kev. I really like the first one about Global Warming. The blending of politics and partying blend seamlessly.

Emily said...

I'm really digging both, but especially the second one. It is super meaningful.

erichan22 said...
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BillyPilgrim said...

i meant to say that i really like the colors...and stuff. i guess.

Brynn said...

I love these. Although I think the second is my favorite. Such a great metaphor. The way you designed the animals is great too.