Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The End of Fall

These are 3 of my finals for my Heroes and Anti-Heroes course, my Illustration 4, and Editorial Illus. classes, respectively.  To be honest, I dont really like any of them.  I was so burnt out by the time finals came, I really had no passion, creativity, or effort left inside of me.  So each of these are really not at all what I intended to create, but they are nevertheless what I completed.

The Heroes and Anti-Heroes project was created from me wanting to make a statement about children and their heroes, coupled with an idea about hope, and how it only really exists if turmoil exists.  It ended up looking more like a "feed the children" ad, and I borderline hate it.

The Illus.4 one was an assignment where we had to create an illustration while either utilizing pop-ups, trompe l'oiell (sp?) or some other form of 3-d trickery to enhance the image.  For my final I created a sliding pop up; the kind where you pull the tab and the image changes.  It's hard to explain, and it was a bitch to make, and I'm happy it's over.

The last piece was for Editorial, and we had to create a vision of how we wanted 2020 to look.  I hate doing architecture, so I really wish I had created something where I didnt have to illustrate it.  I'm not big on the colors, or the ideas I put into this piece, but I am also very happy that it is over :)

So there you go, enjoy the winter break!  WEEEE!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photoshop saturates my life

I always hate when I upload images here, and at least on my screen, they come out less saturated than they do in Photoshop.  It's aggravating.  That's the tricky thing about digital work.  It looks different on different computer screens, and printing is a bitch.

Anyway, the first piece was for Editorial and it was on an article about the New Millenium.  Obviously, it was an old article.  Mainly the piece addressed the dying of our planet, and it was printed during a time when global warming wasn't as widely known, or even recognized.

The second piece is very similar to the first, but it's based on extinction.  More specifically, man's hand in extinction.

For these pieces i went with simpler color schemes and an increase in texture.  Experimentation, I guess.