Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Swallowing Things Can Be Fun

This is my first Editorial Illustration assignment of the year.  The task was to create a plausible skeleton for an everyday object.  I chose an electric fan.  Putting the skeleton in a context was unnecessary, our teacher simply expected us to render a skeleton.  I decided to put a concept to my skeleton.  The original idea was to have an illustration of a doctor's hand holding an x-ray of the skeleton up to one of those light boxes.  Later I changed it to make it into an actual x-ray, and even printed it on transparency paper.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On That Midnight Train

So this was a sketch a did in a bid to try and differentiate people's faces.  I think it's fine to have a style, but it's also good to make people distinguishable, and I definitely think it's something I have a problem with sometimes.  So here is a group of people that I'm trying to pull into a full on piece, but I'm finding it's hard arranging these characters in an interesting way.

If you recognize who these people even are (they are my own take on established characters) then you get two "cool" points.