Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old stuff to sink your teef into

Well I haven't updated since school ended, so I thought I'd bring about some old old stuff I found while snooping through my old sketchbook.  The first three images were from a very superhero comicy phase I went through last summer.  The first image was done with cheap sharpies and cheap highlighters because they were the only markers I could come across and my sketchbook was in dire need of color, as some commented.

The next image is of superhero Andy, and superhero flame girl, who I tend to draw often.  The proportions and anatomy are off, but I feel like she's a good start to a dynamic shot.  The third image is a Batman roll call kind of image that I did in pen.  It might have been done entirely in pen, which I always love doing, but I might be lying.  The last image is of people I had seen and observed in an airport (through sunglasses) while I waited 4 hours in layover for a flight home from Berkeley.  It was terrible, but I survived.  And hey, I got some cool looking people in my sketchbook out of it.  Enjoy:)

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BillyPilgrim said...

i still wnat you to finish the batman one