Monday, June 23, 2008


Sometimes, I like to add e's to the ends of everything and anything I write.  It's fune.

These are watercolors I did while stewing in Japan for two weeks.  Not a lot of work done for a two week stay, but Japan had a nasty habit of distracting me.  The colors are vibrant and the pieces are whimsical and silly, all things that were inspired by Japan.  It's just so crazy and colorful there, and yet there is a calmer gentler side to it all.  The fashions inspired me, the people inspired me, the landscapes, the buildings, the crazy pop culture.  I loved it all. 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old stuff to sink your teef into

Well I haven't updated since school ended, so I thought I'd bring about some old old stuff I found while snooping through my old sketchbook.  The first three images were from a very superhero comicy phase I went through last summer.  The first image was done with cheap sharpies and cheap highlighters because they were the only markers I could come across and my sketchbook was in dire need of color, as some commented.

The next image is of superhero Andy, and superhero flame girl, who I tend to draw often.  The proportions and anatomy are off, but I feel like she's a good start to a dynamic shot.  The third image is a Batman roll call kind of image that I did in pen.  It might have been done entirely in pen, which I always love doing, but I might be lying.  The last image is of people I had seen and observed in an airport (through sunglasses) while I waited 4 hours in layover for a flight home from Berkeley.  It was terrible, but I survived.  And hey, I got some cool looking people in my sketchbook out of it.  Enjoy:)