Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the new Criterion Collection:)

Well this is my final for my Illustration class.  Zippo.  The last one of the year.  Obviously, the task was to recreate a dvd cover.  We could choose from Gosford Park, Spinal Tap, Chinatown, Logan's Run, The Usual Suspects, and Yojimbo.  It wasn't required to add in the text for the title, but I wanted to do my own version with the title to get the full effect, and because I was going for the very art deco, movie posters of the 30s and 40s aesthetic.  Hope you like.

I hope to be giving myself assignments throughout the summer.  So hopefully I'll keep that up.  Remind me to if you ever see me forget.  Ugh.


im an island said...

it looks amazing! (as always.) i'm sorry i never got a chance to see it in person, but still.
i hope you're having a good summer. take a million photos.

(ps: this is natalie. in case you can't tell from my mopey-whiney-sappy-bullshit.)

nancy drew said...

this is fabulous!

Clark said...

one of my favorite movies! yay! great job!