Sunday, April 13, 2008

F is for Fatty

This latest project was a faux addition to this book series called Animalia.  In it, the letters of the alphabet are illustrated through alliterative sayings that are usually focused on a particular type of animal.  Of course, the animal, and most of the things in the image, begin with the letter that are trying to illustrate.  I guess that was a very duh sentence, but I love to drive points home:)

I chose the letter F and the saying went something like: Five Furry Felines in Fedoras with Falcons Free-falling over France while Fetching Fish.  I really enjoyed this project and I LOVE the way the tiger on the left came out.  I had trouble figuring out how to convey that they were falling over France, and I used the clouds to help push that idea.  If you can tell how, then you are a geography whiz, and automatically get 1 point.  Enjoy:)