Sunday, March 16, 2008

Powerhouses and Hottie Portmans

Here are my latest pieces.  The first was done for an assignment in which we had to illustrate one of two opinion pieces.  One was about Komodo dragon's ability to reproduce a-sexually, and the other was about Democratic leaders called Super Delegates.  Needless to say, 80 percent of the class chose the Komodo piece.  I went for the Super Delegates piece, choosing to portray them literally as their title suggests.  Tongue and cheeky.

It was a fairly easy to make as I wanted to create that old school comic book look.  I used simple colors, simple shades, and allowed the halftone to do most of the work.

The second piece was a Portrait project, our last one.  It was also to be used to make promotional cards for ourselves which we actually ended up mailing to 10 different art directors of our own choices.  I decided to do Natalie Portman for mine, cause if you know me, you know how much I love that bitch.  The final is very different from the initial sketch but I enjoy the final so much more.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

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andy said...

i wanna be a superdelegate when i grow up! :)