Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The End of Fall

These are 3 of my finals for my Heroes and Anti-Heroes course, my Illustration 4, and Editorial Illus. classes, respectively.  To be honest, I dont really like any of them.  I was so burnt out by the time finals came, I really had no passion, creativity, or effort left inside of me.  So each of these are really not at all what I intended to create, but they are nevertheless what I completed.

The Heroes and Anti-Heroes project was created from me wanting to make a statement about children and their heroes, coupled with an idea about hope, and how it only really exists if turmoil exists.  It ended up looking more like a "feed the children" ad, and I borderline hate it.

The Illus.4 one was an assignment where we had to create an illustration while either utilizing pop-ups, trompe l'oiell (sp?) or some other form of 3-d trickery to enhance the image.  For my final I created a sliding pop up; the kind where you pull the tab and the image changes.  It's hard to explain, and it was a bitch to make, and I'm happy it's over.

The last piece was for Editorial, and we had to create a vision of how we wanted 2020 to look.  I hate doing architecture, so I really wish I had created something where I didnt have to illustrate it.  I'm not big on the colors, or the ideas I put into this piece, but I am also very happy that it is over :)

So there you go, enjoy the winter break!  WEEEE!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photoshop saturates my life

I always hate when I upload images here, and at least on my screen, they come out less saturated than they do in Photoshop.  It's aggravating.  That's the tricky thing about digital work.  It looks different on different computer screens, and printing is a bitch.

Anyway, the first piece was for Editorial and it was on an article about the New Millenium.  Obviously, it was an old article.  Mainly the piece addressed the dying of our planet, and it was printed during a time when global warming wasn't as widely known, or even recognized.

The second piece is very similar to the first, but it's based on extinction.  More specifically, man's hand in extinction.

For these pieces i went with simpler color schemes and an increase in texture.  Experimentation, I guess.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Three is a Crowd

Apologies for the color on the first one.  It was done in watercolor and had to be scanned in, and unfortunately I was hasty, and did a bad scan.  The first one was a page on an article about the realities of dinosaur cloning.  I decided to create a world where dinos were common place, and thought how funny it would be to see little pudgy pigeon dinos.  Equally as opportunistic, equally as stupid.

The second piece works in conjunction with the character designs posted earlier of Charlie, Aki, and Ocho.  I had to place at least two of them in an environment.  I was originally going to include panels of Ocho in another scene, but I ran out of time.

The last piece is a portrait of out-of-the-Nazi-closet author, Gunter Grass.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Condescending Rice

A piece dont for my editorial class.  It was an interview in a magazine we had to create an image for.  The interview was about the war in the Middle East, along with all the worries, anxieties, and issues to be had with it.  They mentioned Condelleezza Rice and they also mentioned this notion that all the nations in the Middle East need to sit down together with America and come up with a final word.  This was born from that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Character Designs for Tu

These were for an assignment for one of my classes where we had to come up with characters, their personalities, and a story to surround them.  I did these with watercolor and scanned them, and I hate how scanned work looks.  Trust me that the real ones look better than these crappy scans.

I call them Aki Lenore, Charlie Sinclair, and Ocho, respectively.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fairy Abuse and Bubble Prophylactics

The first is a piece for Editorial Illus.  We had to twist a fairy tale to fit into an PSA against child abuse.  I chose The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  It's "subtle" as my teacher would say, as to its references to the original story, but it worked he thought.

The second piece was for a short love story in the New Yorker.  It's about a guy who starts dating a girl who is neurotic and OCD and hates germs.  She goes so far as to have sex with full body condoms and makes her new beau go through a series of physicals and medical exams and tests.  She eventually leaves him when she finds out he's a shoe salesmen, and touches unclean feet.  :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Current Condition

Double whammy ya'll.

Movie poster in a film noir/russian propaganda style, and political poster for Illus. 4 and Editorial respectively.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Swallowing Things Can Be Fun

This is my first Editorial Illustration assignment of the year.  The task was to create a plausible skeleton for an everyday object.  I chose an electric fan.  Putting the skeleton in a context was unnecessary, our teacher simply expected us to render a skeleton.  I decided to put a concept to my skeleton.  The original idea was to have an illustration of a doctor's hand holding an x-ray of the skeleton up to one of those light boxes.  Later I changed it to make it into an actual x-ray, and even printed it on transparency paper.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On That Midnight Train

So this was a sketch a did in a bid to try and differentiate people's faces.  I think it's fine to have a style, but it's also good to make people distinguishable, and I definitely think it's something I have a problem with sometimes.  So here is a group of people that I'm trying to pull into a full on piece, but I'm finding it's hard arranging these characters in an interesting way.

If you recognize who these people even are (they are my own take on established characters) then you get two "cool" points.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jeremy Cheng - My Essential

...it looks to be a much hyped movie.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sometimes, I like to add e's to the ends of everything and anything I write.  It's fune.

These are watercolors I did while stewing in Japan for two weeks.  Not a lot of work done for a two week stay, but Japan had a nasty habit of distracting me.  The colors are vibrant and the pieces are whimsical and silly, all things that were inspired by Japan.  It's just so crazy and colorful there, and yet there is a calmer gentler side to it all.  The fashions inspired me, the people inspired me, the landscapes, the buildings, the crazy pop culture.  I loved it all. 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old stuff to sink your teef into

Well I haven't updated since school ended, so I thought I'd bring about some old old stuff I found while snooping through my old sketchbook.  The first three images were from a very superhero comicy phase I went through last summer.  The first image was done with cheap sharpies and cheap highlighters because they were the only markers I could come across and my sketchbook was in dire need of color, as some commented.

The next image is of superhero Andy, and superhero flame girl, who I tend to draw often.  The proportions and anatomy are off, but I feel like she's a good start to a dynamic shot.  The third image is a Batman roll call kind of image that I did in pen.  It might have been done entirely in pen, which I always love doing, but I might be lying.  The last image is of people I had seen and observed in an airport (through sunglasses) while I waited 4 hours in layover for a flight home from Berkeley.  It was terrible, but I survived.  And hey, I got some cool looking people in my sketchbook out of it.  Enjoy:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the new Criterion Collection:)

Well this is my final for my Illustration class.  Zippo.  The last one of the year.  Obviously, the task was to recreate a dvd cover.  We could choose from Gosford Park, Spinal Tap, Chinatown, Logan's Run, The Usual Suspects, and Yojimbo.  It wasn't required to add in the text for the title, but I wanted to do my own version with the title to get the full effect, and because I was going for the very art deco, movie posters of the 30s and 40s aesthetic.  Hope you like.

I hope to be giving myself assignments throughout the summer.  So hopefully I'll keep that up.  Remind me to if you ever see me forget.  Ugh.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

updation bonanza!

This is my final for my figure drawing class.  The assignment was to craft a story, create some characters, and do a three panel narrative.  In reality it was supposed to be one image per panel, but I decided to do a comic book style thing instead.  Each panel has a main image surrounded by smaller vignettes that act as borders and "fillers" as to the rest of the story.  I saw a dvd ad for Bonnie and Clyde, and that was the basic inspiration.  Enjoy amigos.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

F is for Fatty

This latest project was a faux addition to this book series called Animalia.  In it, the letters of the alphabet are illustrated through alliterative sayings that are usually focused on a particular type of animal.  Of course, the animal, and most of the things in the image, begin with the letter that are trying to illustrate.  I guess that was a very duh sentence, but I love to drive points home:)

I chose the letter F and the saying went something like: Five Furry Felines in Fedoras with Falcons Free-falling over France while Fetching Fish.  I really enjoyed this project and I LOVE the way the tiger on the left came out.  I had trouble figuring out how to convey that they were falling over France, and I used the clouds to help push that idea.  If you can tell how, then you are a geography whiz, and automatically get 1 point.  Enjoy:)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Old Stud and the Mast

This was a piece for a book cover assignment.  I chose The Old Man and the Sea.  He came out a lot more sturdy than I had intended, my teacher felt he was too good looking.  I kind of agree.  In the story it mentions how his shirt was patched up, much like the mast he used to propel his ship.  I decided to let that be the main concept of the illustration.  

I went back to watercolor for this piece, and it needs more polish.  I just was growing tired of digital work and wanted something a bit more real.  The fact that I had to either scan or photograph the image is why it's not quite as crisp as other images.  Enjoy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Powerhouses and Hottie Portmans

Here are my latest pieces.  The first was done for an assignment in which we had to illustrate one of two opinion pieces.  One was about Komodo dragon's ability to reproduce a-sexually, and the other was about Democratic leaders called Super Delegates.  Needless to say, 80 percent of the class chose the Komodo piece.  I went for the Super Delegates piece, choosing to portray them literally as their title suggests.  Tongue and cheeky.

It was a fairly easy to make as I wanted to create that old school comic book look.  I used simple colors, simple shades, and allowed the halftone to do most of the work.

The second piece was a Portrait project, our last one.  It was also to be used to make promotional cards for ourselves which we actually ended up mailing to 10 different art directors of our own choices.  I decided to do Natalie Portman for mine, cause if you know me, you know how much I love that bitch.  The final is very different from the initial sketch but I enjoy the final so much more.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Periscope Cellar

This magically dark little piece was done for an Illustration assignment for a wine label.  The only restrictions were that it had to be in a square format, and that it had to be nautical.  For some reason I came up with this rather dark image of an anchor plunging into the ocean, only to find itself surrounded by floating people.  Whether these people are dead or drowning is open to interpretation, but I just wanted an image that was dreamy and dark.

I'm very happy with the final product.  I think its beautiful and haunting, which was all I really wanted for this assignment.  Whether or not it fits the mood of a wine bottle, well, that's kinda up to you.  My favorite figure is the female in the dress.  She came out the most light and airy (watery?).

The first two smaller images are how the image originally was colored, and a darker, bluer one.  The bottom larger one was the final compromise.  A not so dark, greener one.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Attack of the Portraits

The first piece was for an assignment where we had to create a portrait of Wangari Maathai.  She's a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Africa.  It was a supposed cover piece, which mean we had to leave space for text.

The other piece is for an album cover.  I chose Catpower, and without her signature hair, the likeness is thrown off. 

Both are portraits, both aren't incredibly exact.  But I'm really happy with the Catpower one.  It was supposed to be incredibly Alphonse Mucha-esque and I enjoyed doing it.

Riki Pretty

These were two pieces for a Digital Illustration class.  The assignment was to create a character, and place him or her into 3 photo environments.  Then we had to take one of those images and re-do it, either completely with paint or completely digitally.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ira Glass Editorial Illustration

Here is a piece I did for my Illustration class.  I wasn't crazy about the final outcome, but it got a good critique so that makes up for my small disappointment with it.  Once again, I inked this and then scanned it in and then colored it in Painter.

I've slowly become more and more frustrated with Painter the more I realize my shortcomings in utilizing the software.  I really need to find some good tutorials or something to teach me how to use it.  I would love to master the digital watercolor brushes but I just can't wrap my head around them.  Add on to that all of the options you can tweak in the brush creator and there are far too many choices for my little mind to grasp.

But anyway.  Enjoy.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictured above are two versions of my latest Illustration 3 assignment. The top one is obviously the finish and the bottom one is the line version. The assignment was to create a composition based on an anthropomorphic or familiar entity that we felt best described some aspect of ourselves. I chose the fox, for its quietness and thoughtfulness and also because I simply find them to be beautiful and fascinating creatures.

I started with the concept of me carving a fox out of wood with a knife (like old school status yo) and the shavings would cascade down and form a fox like spirit at my feet. However after much deliberation I opted for this close view, much more intimate, my teacher felt.

I drew the initial drawing on bristol board smooth press and inked it with some black ink and a nib pen. I scanned the drawing into Photoshop along with a background that I physically painted with acrylic paint. I then had to seperate the line work from the white background and I changed it to a dark rusty brown color instead of the original black. I thought it would give it a much richer look and be much more interesting.

I pieced the two together and colored the drawing in Corel Painter using the oil pastels. I had originally wanted to use digital watercolor but found the process for making it look right too time constraining. Overall I am very happy with the outcome and I love the clean lines I was able to create with the pen and ink. Thoughts?