Friday, December 28, 2007


Well if you can guess who the subject of thise piece is you get 20 points. I did this in Painter, and really enjoyed crafting this. Scanned a pencil drawing I had done into Painter, and then tried looking for a tutorial online on how to seperate linework in Painter. All I could find were tutorials in Photoshop, and since I'm not incredibly well versed in either program, I had to find an alternate way of handling my problem.

I ended up simply changing the properties of the layer. What kind of layer I made it into, I'm not quite sure. It was colored with the chalk brushes and I really had a blast creating the shine and shadows. I kinda wish I had put him in a more dynamic pose, but I'm thoroughly happy with the way he came out. I also wish his neck was smaller.

I was trying to go for a more "anime" look for this piece, which I'm not quite sure I accomplished. I'm not a big fan of the anime asthetic for the most part, although there are quite a few I really enjoy. I feel this guy came out somewhat more comic booky, maybe a nice marriage of anime and American comic styles? I also kinda get that whole 90s Capcom Street Fighter vibe, which I dig.

Well, either way. Enjoy!:)


Andres said...

he's...kinda hot. i'm just sayin'

Andres said...

you're really disappointing your blog fans.