Friday, December 28, 2007


Well if you can guess who the subject of thise piece is you get 20 points. I did this in Painter, and really enjoyed crafting this. Scanned a pencil drawing I had done into Painter, and then tried looking for a tutorial online on how to seperate linework in Painter. All I could find were tutorials in Photoshop, and since I'm not incredibly well versed in either program, I had to find an alternate way of handling my problem.

I ended up simply changing the properties of the layer. What kind of layer I made it into, I'm not quite sure. It was colored with the chalk brushes and I really had a blast creating the shine and shadows. I kinda wish I had put him in a more dynamic pose, but I'm thoroughly happy with the way he came out. I also wish his neck was smaller.

I was trying to go for a more "anime" look for this piece, which I'm not quite sure I accomplished. I'm not a big fan of the anime asthetic for the most part, although there are quite a few I really enjoy. I feel this guy came out somewhat more comic booky, maybe a nice marriage of anime and American comic styles? I also kinda get that whole 90s Capcom Street Fighter vibe, which I dig.

Well, either way. Enjoy!:)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

National Geographic Eyes

So I haven't updated in near a month, much to the chagrin, I'm sure, of the 5 people who click their merry ways onto this blog (happy holidays, by the way). I really had nothing to post, so I went rummaging through my old crap to find something. And I found this, something I started on Painter with my tablet.

It's old, unfinished, and was really just a warm up thing to get familiar with Painter. As you can tell, I obviously didn't dig too hard into this. The potential of Painter is immense, and perhaps now that I am on break I will break it in a bit more thoroughly. It was afterall an AMAZING gift from my very special boy, who also happened to inspire me to give this chica the look she has here.

She was originally very bald, and very simple. Even more so than now.

Anyway, I hope to upload my final for my Illustration class soon. I know you are all salivating, waiting for it. That was sarcasm. I wonder, if this whole blog isn't just a whole way to blow my own ego? Do I really love the sound of my voice that much? Or the sound of my typing, rather. Either way it is what it is. Enjoy. Spread it around like WILDFIRE! RUFUS!