Monday, November 19, 2007

The First Post - Dun Duna Nah!!!!

So here it is, the first post ever. Right now this blog is in the first stages of being a regular thing in my life which has become increasingly paperless, and increasingly attatched to my keyboard. I spend (read: waste) way too much time on the internet, so why not freshen up not only my grammar and writing skills, but also use it productively to sell myself like a whore on the street. Sounds good right? I thought so.

So I intend to use this blog as a way to share my art with the world, because really, who doesn't want to do that? I hope that this blog thing is a success and not a major let down because I was talked into this by a certain someone, and I'd hate to be a failure because of someone else's idea (an idea I all too excitedly jumped at).

So please come, enjoy. Tell your friends, invite your family.

Here are some really old scans to get the party started.


erichan22 said...

remember how you used to make fun of the fact that I kept a blog?

This rivals 'Creed Thoughts'

Andres said...

by the way, it's "grammar" with two As.

Kevin Wada said...

oh fuck negative feedback already...

notice i didnt say spelling would play a factor in this blog...:)

C.M.E said...

:) i want to marry you