Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So I finally figured out how to make my pictures clickable. Which makes me giddy. Really giddy. So I was asked what the purpose of this blog was, and I hesitated. What is the point of this blog really? Hmmmm. I'd like to hope there's more a point than it being a personal journal. I'd like for it to REALLY have a purpose. :P

So I decided that I would use this blog as a way of conveying my creative process and hopefully share and learn about tricks, skills, and methods to creating art.

So for this piece, the assignment was called "Deconstruction, Destruction, Decomposition." I knew I wanted to use watercolor to create this piece. I love how watercolor is very expressive and light, and you can use it in sketchy and rough ways. To me that fed into this "deconstructed" look that I was going for. I wanted to be able to see every stroke and every underlying pencil mark.

The end result was that up there, and while it's not exactly what I intended to create, I experienced something that every artist comes across once in awhile. I had come to a place in the painting where I could either push it further and make it really expressive and wild, or I could leave it in this safer, more refined state that I absolutely loved. So do I risk pushing my painting further, and probably more clearly illustrate the purpose of the title? Or do I keep the piece where it is, and where I like it?

When to know that your piece is actually finished is a hard question. But I eventually decided to leave it as it was. I would rather risk not fully interpreting the prompt than to risk completely destroying my vision. Either way I love the way this piece came out. It was a first time for me really utilizing watercolors, and I look forward to doing so again.